Kyoto Sangyo University Extensive Reading Program
Books in Order of Popularity

This list represents the evaluations of students over the past six years (April 1993 --> June 1999) of some 700 titles that we have used in our extensive reading program for the freshmen English majors at Kyoto Sangyo University, and can be said to be representative of the likes of Japanese students of this age group.

Rating Scale:

3 - Great!     2 - Good      1 - So-So      0 - Terrible!

Most of the books are ones which are sold to the pre-teens and young teens in the United States, and are available through distributors such as Perfection Learning (Fax: 712/644-2392) and PermaBound (Fax: 217/243-7505)

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TitleNumber of ReadersAverage Evaluation
Sharing Sam42.8
Gift, The32.7
I, Juan De Pareja32.7
Island of the Dolphins32.7
Bristol Murder82.6
Danger at the Fair52.6
Hardy Boys #69: Mayhem in Motion52.6
Monsters, Strange Dreams UFOs72.6
Born into Light42.5
Christy's Love132.5
Katie and Those Boys42.5
Baby Sitters: Super Special #252.4
Bad News Ballet#2 Battle of the Bunheads52.4
Cry of Terror102.4
Field Trip132.4
Fledgling, The72.4
Hardy Boys - Edge of Destruction112.4
Nancy Drew #5: Hit and Run Holiday52.4
Run, Run, As Fast As You Can1032.4
Samantha on Stage52.4
Winner, The942.4
Air Freight Mystery, The32.3
Baby Sitting Can Be a Dangerous Job732.3
Boy for Me, The32.3
Canby Hall: With Friends Like That32.3
Charlotte's Web582.3
Couples: Change of Hearts42.3
Cowboys Don't Cry32.3
Cricket in Times Square, The442.3
Ghost in the Picture92.3
Girl with the Silver Eyes32.3
Girls of Canby Hall: Keeping Secrets72.3
Going to See Grassy Ella42.3
Hardy Boys - Crowning Terror122.3
Hardy Boys - Cult of Crime112.3
Harry & Hortense42.3
Izzy, Willy-Nilly42.3
Jeanne Up and Down202.3
Kavik the Wolf Dog202.3
Landing on Marvin Gardens122.3
Last Chance Haul42.3
Missing Since Monday1332.3
More Tales for the Midnight Hour62.3
Nancy Drew #8: Two Points to Murder82.3
Nancy Drew 9:Sign of the Twisted Candles42.3
Nancy Drew-Buried Secrets42.3
Nancy Drew-This Side of Evil122.3
One Last Wish - Sixteen and Dying112.3
PSI Patrol - Sal's Book32.3
Snow Treasure82.3
Sweet Valley High-Dangerous Love42.3
Sweet Valley High-Heart Breaker152.3
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing1642.3
Who Do You Think You Are?92.3
Who Is Bugs Potter32.3
Yours Truly, Love, Janie72.3
Against the Odds52.2
Animal Inn #1 Pets Are For Keeps152.2
As the Waltz Was Ending192.2
Baby Sitters #8: Boy-Crazy Stacey392.2
Babysitters Club #25: Mary Anne and Sear52.2
Basil of Baker Street52.2
Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The132.2
But This Girl Is Different62.2
Canby Hall: Making Friends92.2
Christy's Senior Year62.2
Deadly Deception182.2
Dear Lola62.2
Don't Look Behind You172.2
Goodbye, Pretty One62.2
Hardy Boys - Evil, Inc.182.2
Hardy Boys 2: The House on the Cliff422.2
I Thought You Were My Best Friend122.2
License to Drive192.2
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The1092.2
Me and My Little Brain132.2
Mr.Popper's Penguins222.2
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH142.2
Out of Bounds52.2
Seventeenth Summer52.2
Top Secret452.2
Trolley Car Family, The62.2
When We First Met312.2
Whispers from the Dead452.2
Almost Like a Sister822.1
Baby Sitters #12: Claudia and the New Gi292.1
Baby Sitters #4: Mary Anne Saves the Day602.1
Baby Sitters #6: Kristy's Big Day482.1
Banner in the Sky482.1
Crash Landing!92.1
Dangerous Love382.1
Doom Stone, The92.1
Drina #1 Ballet for Drina492.1
Drina #4 Drina Dances on Stage82.1
Edge, The162.1
Face to Face162.1
Ghost of Graydon Place, The102.1
Great Brain Reforms, The72.1
Great Brain at the Academy212.1
Gymnasts #9: Crush on the Coach502.1
Hardy Boys - Dead on Target162.1
Hardy Boys 1: The Tower Treasure622.1
Headless Cupid, The232.1
Hello...Wrong Number382.1
Last Act102.1
Leah's Song112.1
More Adventures of the Great Brain412.1
My Darling, My Hamburger82.1
Nancy Drew #4: Smile and Say Murder82.1
Nancy Drew 7: The Clue in the Diary132.1
Nancy Drew-Deadly Intent112.1
Nancy Drew-False Moves192.1
Nancy Drew-Heart of Danger112.1
Orphaned Pup72.1
Other Side of the Mountain, The92.1
Playing Murder102.1
Return of the Great Brain, The122.1
Secret Garden, The102.1
Secret Horse, The182.1
Seven Days to a Brand New Me312.1
Summer of Sassy Jo242.1
Sweet Valley High-Dear SIster202.1
Sweet Valley High-Wrong Kind of Girl182.1
Trick or Treat72.1
Trouble with Jake's Double, The162.1
Who Needs a Stepsister?102.1
Accident, The42.0
Adam of the Road142.0
Alessandra in Love72.0
Baby Sitters #10: Logan Likes Mary Ann!412.0
Baby Sitters #13: Good-bye Stacey,322.0
Baby Sitters #14: Hello, Mallory242.0
Bad Luck Gold32.0
Band of Angels, A32.0
Between Us122.0
Blowfish Live in the Sea32.0
Breaking Camp52.0
Bringing Nettie Back232.0
Candy Man, The602.0
Catherine, Called Birdy52.0
Cheerleaders #10: Betrayed92.0
Computer That Ate My Brother, The212.0
Dating Blues52.0
Daughter of the Mountains72.0
Dean Duffy32.0
Devil's Chapel212.0
Disappearing Teacher, The42.0
Dream of the Dead32.0
Face on the Milk Carton, The42.0
Family Reunion462.0
Flash Fire32.0
Forgotten Girl, The42.0
Ghost Host222.0
Ghost of Departure Point, The242.0
Girl Who Knew Tomorrow, The62.0
Girls of Canby Hall #11 With Friends Lik52.0
Go Jump in the Pool!122.0
Great Brain is Back, The72.0
Gymnasts #2: First Meet92.0
Hard Road to Paradise72.0
Hardy Boys #67: Lethal Cargo62.0
Hardy Boys - Lazarus Plot72.0
Hardy Boys 6: The Shore Road Mystery292.0
Hardy Boys 7: The Secret of the Caves72.0
Hardy Boys 8:The Mystery of Cabin Island122.0
Heart Breaker232.0
Heart of Danger372.0
High King, The42.0
Hockey Machine, The92.0
Homesick-My Own Story82.0
Hoopstars #1: Nothing But Net152.0
House Across the Cove, The52.0
House Far From Home, A52.0
House of Sixty Fathers, The132.0
House of Stairs42.0
Iggie's House532.0
Incident at Hawk's Hill102.0
Inside Out62.0
It's Not the End of the World472.0
Journey to the Treasure102.0
Julie of the Wolves82.0
Just As Long As We're Together422.0
Just Plain Cat382.0
Just a Summer Romance42.0
Last Gralok82.0
Legend of Tarik, The612.0
Like Water for Chocolate62.0
Lost Holiday, The492.0
Middle of the Night62.0
Mixed-up Summer62.0
Moves Make the Man, The42.0
My Name is Brian112.0
Mysterious Summer102.0
Nancy Drew 1: Secret of the Old Clock622.0
Nancy Drew 5: Secret of Shadow Ranch432.0
Night Marchers, The172.0
No Boys?432.0
Now is Now102.0
Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great472.0
Party Line32.0
Phoenix Rising62.0
Phone Call from a Ghost362.0
Pigman's Legacy172.0
Red Room, The32.0
Rich Mitch62.0
River Runs Through It, A132.0
Road from Home, The72.0
Rookie Summer182.0
Ruby in the Smoke52.0
Sarah, Plain and Tall232.0
Secret Agents Four72.0
Shadow in the North62.0
Shiela's Dying42.0
Sweet Valley High-When Love Dies112.0
That New Girl92.0
The Great Brain Reforms42.0
There's a Girl in My Hammerlock32.0
To Elvis with Love42.0
Undertaker's Gone Bananas42.0
Weekend of Fear62.0
Young Winston Churchill, The42.0
Yours Till Niagara Falls, Abby82.0
Actress, The481.9
All the Sky Together91.9
Anything for a Friend81.9
Anything to Win101.9
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret501.9
Baby Sitters #11: Kristy and the Snobs431.9
Baby Sitters #1: Kristy's Great Idea761.9
Baby Sitters #2: Phantom Phone Calls481.9
Baby Sitters #3: Truth about Stacey561.9
Baby Sitters #7: Claudia and Mean Janine551.9
Baby Sitters Super Special #1401.9
Baseball Card Crazy441.9
Begonia for Miss Applebaum111.9
Best Wishes, Joe Brady331.9
Bet, The161.9
Blind Date531.9
Broken Dreams81.9
Bummer Summer391.9
Bus People, The281.9
City Light321.9
Corn Grows Ripe, The151.9
Crossover Mystery191.9
Deadly Game of Magic71.9
Dear Mom & Dad, Don't Worry81.9
Dream Killer71.9
Drina #2 Drina's Dancing Year171.9
Forgotten Door, The241.9
Freak the Mighty201.9
Gray Wolf151.9
Great Brain Does It Again, The211.9
Great Brain, The191.9
Gymnasts #7: Tumbling Ghosts191.9
Hardy Boys - Deathgame71.9
Hardy Boys 3: The Secret of the Old Mill521.9
I Saw You That Night151.9
I See the Moon131.9
Iceberg Hermit291.9
If This is Love, I'll Take Spaghetti71.9
In a Pig's Eye111.9
Island of Dangerous Dreams71.9
Just Call Eddie101.9
Just Tell Me When We Are Dead!201.9
Last One Home241.9
Lemonade Trick, The71.9
Long Way Home, The81.9
Looking for Home321.9
Mr. Popper's Penguins511.9
My Sister Annie171.9
Mystery Cruise71.9
Nancy Drew 2: The Hidden Staircase521.9
Nancy Drew 3: The Bungalow Mystery531.9
Nancy Drew 4: Mystery at Lilac Inn371.9
Nancy Drew 6: Secret of Red Gate Farm141.9
Nancy Drew-Murder on Ice101.9
Nancy Drew-Smile and Say Murder121.9
Nancy Drew-Wings of Fear91.9
Number the Stars181.9
Past Forgiving71.9
Peter and Veronica421.9
Red Sails to Capri141.9
Sign of the Beaver, The191.9
Starring Sally J Freedman as Herself151.9
Starting with Melodie321.9
Sweet Valley High-All Night Long141.9
Sweet Valley High-Power Play91.9
Sweet Valley High-Too Good to Be True141.9
Walk No More151.9
West from Singapore71.9
When the Phone Rang451.9
Winners and Losers181.9
Wish Giver, The201.9
Wolf Rider151.9
Word to the Wise, A71.9
Alice in April261.8
Anna to the Infinite Power161.8
Arena Beach61.8
Baby Sitters #5: Impossible Three531.8
Baby Sitters #9: Ghost at Dawn's House501.8
Baby Sitters Club:Claudia & the Phantom81.8
Barry's Sister41.8
Blind Sunday131.8
Brannigan's Folly191.8
Buried in Ice161.8
California Quake111.8
Campus Mystery91.8
Canby Hall: Summer Blues51.8
Christy's Choice381.8
Corners of Love131.8
Crane's Rebound61.8
Darci in Cabin 1361.8
Dark Secrets111.8
Date with Danger, A61.8
Death of the Border571.8
Dog Called Lucky Tide61.8
Dollar Man61.8
Dollhouse Murders, The161.8
Family under the Bridge, The211.8
Friendship Pact, The91.8
Ghost Abbey61.8
Girl in the Window, The121.8
Girl with Spunk41.8
Girls of Canby Hall: Friends Times Three121.8
Golem & the Drago Girl, The121.8
Goodbye, Little Chicken41.8
Goodbye, Vietnam231.8
Great Fire, The51.8
Hardy Boys #65: No Mercy91.8
Hardy Boys 5: Hunting for Hidden Gold281.8
Heart of a Champion231.8
Hostage, The61.8
Into the Dream91.8
It Happened to Nancy51.8
It's Like This, Cat91.8
Lost Train, The521.8
Lure of the Dark41.8
Maybe it will rain tomorrow61.8
Mayhem in Motion301.8
Mom, You're Fired!101.8
Nancy Drew 8: Nancy's Mysterious Letter571.8
Nancy Drew-Fatal Ransom41.8
Nancy Drew-Trial by Fire61.8
Nobody's Dog541.8
Nothing But the Truth51.8
Olympics, The171.8
On Being Sarah121.8
Outsiders, The91.8
Phone Call From a Ghost91.8
Pinballs, The451.8
Poor Old Ernie321.8
Return to Bitter Creek61.8
Robyn's Book41.8
Secret Diary of Katie Dinkerhoff, The41.8
Singing Tree, The51.8
Soccer Is a Kick61.8
Stage Fright351.8
Steps in Time51.8
Stiff Competition51.8
Summer of Mrs. MacGregor, The91.8
Sweet Friday Island131.8
Sweet Valley High-Secrets41.8
Taste of Blackberries, A91.8
There's a Girl in my Hammerlock81.8
Three Sisters291.8
Too Much T.J.91.8
Truth or Dare161.8
Under the Blood-Red Sun61.8
Voyage of The Frog, The111.8
Winter Hero41.8
Wolfling, The61.8
'50 Ford, The71.7
Accident at Hawk's Hill61.7
Acts of Love141.7
Alfred Summer, The61.7
B, My Name is Bunny61.7
Baby Sitters #26:Claudia & Sad...71.7
Best of Friends31.7
Beware the Fish!201.7
Buffalo Gal191.7
Calico Bush31.7
Call Me141.7
Callender Papers31.7
Canby Hall: To Tell the Truth101.7
Castle Murder, The31.7
Catherine Called Birdy91.7
Chain Letter101.7
Cheerleaders #45 Here to Stay111.7
Christmas with Ida Early221.7
Couples: Kiss and Run31.7
Couples: Lovestruck71.7
Daredevil Bladers31.7
Dear Lovely Hart, I am desparate31.7
Dragon's Bait71.7
Drop-In, The31.7
Eat Your Poison, Dear61.7
Edythe With a Y61.7
El Dorado Adventure111.7
Eyes of Kid Midas, The91.7
Fell Back61.7
Flash Flood141.7
Flight of the White Wolf91.7
Gift of the Girl Who Wouldn't Hear121.7
Gimme a Kiss181.7
Girl Cried Murder, The31.7
Goal Maker151.7
Good-for-a-Laugh Lilly101.7
Goof-up, The131.7
Grand Slam71.7
Hardy Boys #68: Rough Riding31.7
Hardy Boys #70: Rigged for Revenge61.7
Hardy Boys 4: The MIssing Chums481.7
Here's to you, Rachael Robinson91.7
Hidden Room, The31.7
Hoopstars #2: Point Guard161.7
How Do You Lose Those 9th Grade Blues?161.7
How I Put My Mom Through College101.7
I Never Loved Your Mind31.7
In Face of Danger31.7
Island of the Blue Dolphins621.7
Justin Morgan101.7
Little Gymnast, The71.7
Lombardo's Law211.7
M.E. and Morton31.7
Man in the Woods, The171.7
Me Me Me Me Me31.7
Me and Katie (the Pest)231.7
Mirror, Mirror31.7
Murder by Moonlight31.7
Narc One Going Down31.7
Oh, Rich61.7
PSI Patrol - Max's Book31.7
Part of the Dream, A71.7
Pigs Might Fly61.7
Pistachio Prescription, The31.7
Red Hot Hightops31.7
Red Hot Wheels101.7
Rescue, The31.7
Secret Friend, A61.7
Senior Prom61.7
Shooters in Tech High School61.7
Silver Link, The Silken Tie, The101.7
Sixth Grade Sleepover191.7
Stepsisters, The #2 The Sister Trap271.7
Stepsisters, The #5 That Cheating Sister61.7
Stepsisters, The #7 Reckless Sister71.7
Summer Stories191.7
Sunburned Prayer, A31.7
Supercharged Infield121.7
Sweet Valley High-Racing Hearts61.7
Tackle without a Team121.7
Tarantula Shoes31.7
Taste of Smoke, The151.7
Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman, The71.7
Well, The91.7
You Can't Stop Me, So Don't Try31.7
Abel's Island141.6
Aliens in the Family71.6
Arizona Angel91.6
Baby Sitters #6: Kristy's Great Idea51.6
Baby Sitters Club: Super Special #281.6
Canby Hall: Who's the New Girl111.6
Cheerleaders #36: Changing Loves51.6
Chicken Must Have Died151.6
Couples: Crazy Love121.6
Couples: Moving Too Fast151.6
Crystal of Hungry Hollow101.6
Death of a Dancer141.6
Devlin Affair, The121.6
Does Anybody Care About Lou Emma Miller?51.6
Flight #116 Is Down131.6
Flip City51.6
Girl Who Wanted Out, The161.6
Girls of Canby Hall: To Tell the Truth71.6
Gymnasts #8: Captain of the Team151.6
Hardy Boys 9: The Great Airport Mystery101.6
High Misty151.6
High School Reunion271.6
I Know How It Feels to Fly261.6
I Was a Teenage Professional Wrestler51.6
Illyrian Adventure81.6
Jacob Have I Loved51.6
Lancelot Closes at Five, The131.6
Maggie the Freak71.6
Missing May71.6
Nancy Drew-White Water Terror91.6
Nose for Trouble, A111.6
On My Honor91.6
Other Side of Dark71.6
Ramona Quimby, Age 871.6
Rodomonte's Revenge241.6
See ya, Simon111.6
So Wild a Dream81.6
Survival Camp71.6
Tears of a Tiger91.6
Tell Me Everything141.6
Trouble with Mothers, The221.6
Two Different Girls91.6
Voices After Midnight391.6
Voyage of the Frog, The181.6
Weetzie Bat171.6
Witches of Worm, The111.6
Yes Girl, The71.6
You've Been Away All Summer81.6
All But Alice111.5
Amazing Diary of E. Dingman101.5
Baby Sitters Club #26:Claudia & Sad...111.5
Cain Break81.5
Chemo Kid, The181.5
Couples: Dance with Me81.5
Couples: Sweet and Sour41.5
Crazy Lady!41.5
El Konigsburg81.5
Friends Are Like That41.5
Ghost Cat131.5
Indian Captive101.5
Just Sixteen41.5
Justin Morgan Had a Horse121.5
Keeping Barney41.5
Leave it to Christy61.5
Margaret's Moves131.5
Moves Make the Man81.5
Nobody Knows But Me41.5
Oh, Honestly, Angela!41.5
Pardon Me, You're Stepping on My Eyeball41.5
Project Wheels111.5
Risk 'N Roses81.5
Smuggler, The41.5
Stepsisters, The #3 Bad Sisters111.5
Stepsisters, The #4 Sisters in Charge81.5
Sweet bells jangled out of tune61.5
Two-Thousand-Pound Goldfish, The41.5
Unfrightened Dark121.5
We Interupt This Semester for an Import41.5
What I Really Think of You61.5
Yearbook II41.5
You're Dead, David Borelli41.5
Breaking the Fall121.4
Bridge to Terabithia51.4
Cheerleaders #11: Cheating101.4
Crystal Falls: A Loss of Innocence71.4
Dancing Through the Defense81.4
Definitely Cool161.4
Don't Care High51.4
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew51.4
Flour Babies51.4
Fog Magic51.4
Going Backwards51.4
Junior H #5 The Eighth Grade to the Resc51.4
Laura's Luck51.4
Nite Kites51.4
Others See Us141.4
Place Called Ugly,71.4
Ride a Dark Horse51.4
Seven Per-cent Solution51.4
Space Camp71.4
Spring Street Boys Hit the Road, The81.4
Talk About a Family51.4
Telltale Summer of Tina C., The91.4
What Eric Knew161.4
Winter Room, The91.4
Apple is My Sign61.3
Charles in charge31.3
Confessions of a Teenage Baboon71.3
Cybil War, The41.3
Dakota Dream31.3
Dog Friday31.3
For Always41.3
Friendship And the Gold Cadillac, The101.3
Girl Alone101.3
Going for the Win31.3
Great Rip-Off, The31.3
I'm Christy31.3
Junior Prom31.3
Knee Knock Rise91.3
Lane Four61.3
Mio My Son31.3
Moccasin Trail31.3
Philip Hall like Me. I Reckon Maybe31.3
Reason for Janey, The111.3
Rodeo Road41.3
Sleepers, The91.3
Slot Machine41.3
Slumber Party61.3
Snow, The81.3
Stepsisters, The #1 War between Sisters91.3
Thirty-six Exposures31.3
Where Do I Go from Here?61.3
Whipping Boy, The41.3
Yesterday's Daughter41.3
Brother of Mine51.2
Mad Scientist's Club91.2
Make Lemonade181.2
Question of Destiny51.2
Spring Love51.2
Somewhere in the Darkness71.1
Animal Inn #2 A Kid's Best Friend41.0
Do You Love Me, Harvey Burns31.0
House that Half-Jack Built, The31.0
Just Like Everyone Else31.0
Planet of Junior Brown, The31.0