Graded Readers -- Recommended, 1996-7

by Ken Schmidt,
Tohoku Gakuin U.
College students involved in an extensive reading program rated each book they read as "Good," "Fair," or "Poor." Recommended books shown here were rated "Good" by at least 66% of a minimum of four readers. Titles marked with an "*" were rated "Good" by every reader. Levels follow Bamford (1993).
Anna and the Fighter*1HGR
Lisa in London1LSR
Money for a Motorbike1HGR
The Garden1HGR
Winning and Losing1HGR
Black Beauty2LC
Double Fear & Other Short Stories2LSR
Foul Play2LSR
Girl Against the Jungle2LO
Grace Darling2OBW
Have You Got Your Ticket?2LSR
Introductory Stories for Reproduction 22OSR
K's First Case2LO
New Yorkers2OBW
One-way Ticket2OBW
Tales From Hans Christian Anderson*2LC
The Death of Karen Silkwood2OBW
The Earthquake*2LO
The Elephant Man2OBW
The Gold Lasso2LO
The Love of a King2OBW
The Monkey's Paw*2OBW
The Phantom of the Opera2OBW
The Piano2OBW
The Witches of Pendle2OBW
A Christmas Carol*3HGR
A Christmas Carol*3LC
A Tidy Ghost3OSL
American Customs and Traditions3LABR
American Music3LABR
Don't Tell Me What to Do*3HGR
Down the River3LSR
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde3HGR
Elementary Steps to Understanding3OSU
Every Picture Tells a Story*3OSL
Finn's Business3OSL
Go, Lovely Rose3OBW
Great British Ghosts3LSR
Gulliver's Travels3LC
Love by Design3HGR
Love Story3OBW
Martin Luther King*3LFL
Peter Pan3ODR
Photo of the Tall Man3LSR
Round the World in Eighty Days3LC
Save the Goldfish3OSL
Silver Blaze and Other Stories3HGR
Space Affair3OSL
Tales of Horror*3HGR
Tales of Mystery and Imagination3OBW
The Boy Who Was Afraid3HGR
The Canterville Ghost and Other…3HGR
The Flower Seller*3HGR
The Hound of the Baskervilles3HGR
The Last Sherlock Holmes Story3OBW
The Picture of Dorian Gray3HGR
The Prince & the Pauper3LC
The Promise3HGR
The Runaways3HGR
The Wind in the Willows*3LC
A Scandal in Bohemia4LSR
A Woman’s Place?4LSR
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde4LC
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde4OBW
Emil & the Detectives*4LC
Footprints in the Jungle and Other…4HGR
Green Issues4KS
Intermed. Stories for Reproduction 1*4OSR
Intermed. Stories for Reproduction 24OSR
Meet Me in Istanbul4HGR
My Cousin Rachel4HGR
Oliver Twist4HGR
Pride and Prejudice4HGR
Ring of Thieves4HGR
Silas Marner4HGR
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer4LC
The Big Sleep4OBW
The Case of the Lonely Lady4HGR
The Diamond Hunters4HGR
The Franchise Affair4HGR
The Good Earth4HGR
The Green World4MD
The Hong Kong Connection4LO
The Hound of the Baskervilles4OBW
The Moonspinners4OBW
The Queen of Death4HGR
The Return of Sherlock Holmes 4LC
The Sign of Four4HGR
The Snow Goose & Other Stories*4LC
The Speckled Band and Other Stories4HGR
The Swiss Family Robinson4LC
The Woman Who Disappeared4HGR
Three Men in a Boat4OBW
World Scope - People and Issues4KS
Charlie Chaplin5KS
Great People of Our Time*5MR
Jane Eyre*5LC
Little Women*5LC
Of Mice and Men*5HGR
Pride & Prejudice5LC
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer*5LSR
The U.S.A.5MD
Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes5LC
Visiting the USA5MR
Wuthering Heights5LC
Polite Fictions6Kinseido

Graded Readers -- Not Recommended

These books were rated "Good" by fewer than 40% of a minimum of four readers. Only five books (marked with an "*") received no "Good" votes.
Death of a Soldier*1HGR
Newspaper Boy1HGR
Rich Man, Poor Man*1HGR
The Truth Machine1HGR
Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor2LC
Shakespeare Detective2LSR
Elem. Anecdotes in American English3OAAE
Elem. Stories for Reproduction3OSR
Rip Van Winkle & Other Stories3LC
The Brönte Story3OBW
Z for Zachariah3HGR
Bristol Murder4HGR
Love Stories (by O Henry)4ODR
Mr. Midshipman Hornblower4OBW
No Longer at Ease4HGR
The Beautiful and Damned*4HGR
The Enchanted April4HGR
The Hairless Mexican and the Traitor4HGR
The Smuggler4HGR
The Space Invaders*4HGR
Adv. Anecdotes in American English*5OAAE
Advanced Steps to Understanding5OSU
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn5LC


Key to Publishers/Series

HGR = Heinemann Graded Readers LABR = Longman American Background Readers
K = KinseidoMR = Macmillan Rangers (Prentice Hall Regents)
KS = Kirihara ShotenOSL = Oxford Storylines
LSR = Longman Structural ReadersODR = Oxford Delta Readers
LC = Longman ClassicsOSR = Oxford Stories for Reproduction
LFL = Longman Famous LivesOBW = Oxford Bookworms
LO = Longman OriginalsOSU = Oxford Steps to Understanding


Bamford, J. "Beyond grammar translation: Teaching students to really read." A Handbook for Teaching English at Japanese Colleges and Universities. Ed. P. Wadden. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993, 63–72.