What is “out there” for use in your ER program

Free downloadable materials

  • ESL Reading
    Kieran McGovern’s site with free graded reading materials

  • ESL Reading
    A wide selection of short passages at low and intermediate levels. Advertisements appear on each page, some of which might be offensive to young learners or those of certain cultural backgrounds. Paid membership removes the adverts.

  • Reading Resources Repository
    Maintained by John Paul Loucky

Self-study materials for learners

Determining reader levels

Evaluation of materials

Links to publishers’ material for extensive reading

  • Black Cat – CIDEB
  • Cambridge University Press
    “…an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English.”

  • Cengage/Heinle
    Publishers of the Foundations, Footprint and Page Turner Series

  • E-books World
  • World Wide Readers (E-books) edited by Brian Tomlinson & Alan Maley

  • Easy Readers
  • Helbling Languages
  • Macmillan (Heinemann)
    The site includes free downloadable worksheets for their titles

  • Oxford
    Contains useful info: “What are graded readers”, “How are readers graded?”, “Some ideas for using graded readers” and “Setting up a class library”.

  • Penguin
    Contains downloadable teacher’s notes and worksheets in PDF format

  • Renaissance Learning
    Features the “Accelerated Reader” system with computerized quizzes and record tracking for over 22,000 titles.

  • Richmond Publishing
    Offers free graded readers downloadable as PDF files

  • SRA Reading Labs
    Not “extensive reading material” per se but often used in conjunction with extensive reading programs

  • See Rob Waring’s page for some other possibilities

To evaluate your students’ extensive reading

“MoodleReader” has been designed to allow students to prove that they have read their books via a short 10-item quiz. Students have their own personal screen with a “stamp collection” of the covers of the books that they have successfully passed quizzes on. The site is accessible free of charge and in addition to the on-screen veiw, it provides a downloadable Excel file showing your students’ performance. Quizzes are available on more than 2000 books. The interface requires no technological expertise on the part of either the teacher or student.